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The Simple Desktop Email Helper

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Note: Papercut is now Papercut SMTP. (New Logo Coming!)

The problem

If you ever send emails from an application or web site during development, you're familiar with the fear of an email being released into the wild. Are you positive none of the 'test' emails are addressed to colleagues or worse, customers? Of course, you can set up and maintain a test email server for development -- but that's a chore. Plus, the delay when you are waiting to view new test emails can radically slow your development cycle.

Papercut SMTP to the rescue!

Papercut SMTP is a 2-in-1 quick email viewer AND built-in SMTP server (designed to receive messages only). Not only does it not enforce any restrictions how you prepare your email, but it allows you to view the whole email-chilada: body, html, headers, attachment down right down to the naughty raw encoded bits. Papercut can be configured to run on startup and sit quietly (minimized in the tray) only providing a notification when a new message has arrived.

Download Now

Latest Release

Download Papercut.Setup.exe installer.


Instant Feedback When New Email Arrives

Rich and Detailed View of Received Email

View and Download the Mime Sections of your Email

Papercut Main

In Version 4 the Raw View Returns

New in Version 4.4: Logging View

Papercut SMTP Background Service

Papercut SMTP has an optional "always on" service to receive emails even when the client is not running. It's installed by default with Papercut.Setup.exe -- but can also be installed separately by downloading, unzipping and following the service installation instructions.


Papercut SMTP is Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

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